Anna Saave (2022) Ecofeminism Now

by BioMat

Anna Saave writes a chapter in the “transform! yearbook 2022” on the topic of Ecofeminism.

Citation: Saave, Anna (2022). „Ecofeminism Now“. In: Left Strategies for the Covid Pandemic and ist aftermath. transform! Yearbook 2022, herausgegeben von Walter Baier, Eric Canepa und Haris Golemis. London: Merlin Press, S. 335-350.




The chapter introduces an ecofeminist political-economy perspective that can inform social-ecological transformation projects and respective societal changes of the early 21st century in the Global North. The text highlights a main controversy around ecofeminism, introduces ecofeminism’s historical insights, then focuses on ecofeminist political economy in particular and concludes with a remark on the expression of rage.



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