Miriam Boyer (2020) Biodiversity in the High-tech bioeconomy

by userbiomat

High-tech as the key to maintenance?

Today the measurement of biodiversity is advancing rapidly and includes other ecosystems, including the human body or the oceans. Digital technologies and biotechnology serve to make biological diversity increasingly “visible” and precisely “tangible”.

This has led to new approaches of biodiversity promotion, but also to numerous new areas of utilization, for ecosystem services or materials research. We look at these new developments and ask how they change or even exacerbate the contradictions between economic exploitation and conservation of biodiversity. We take into account conflicts over land or water that go hand in hand with the increasing promotion of biomass in the bioeconomy and the close historical relationship between biological and cultural diversity. Our research is about assessing these interrelationships and exploring strategies for how biodiversity can be preserved and reproducible in the future.

Citation: Boyer, Miriam (2020): Biodiversität in der High-Tech Bioökonomie.

Link: https://www.wissenschaftsjahr.de/2020-21/aktuelles-aus-der-biooekonomie/koepfe-des-wandels/biodiversitaet-in-der-high-tech-biooekonomie

[Source of picture: https://www.wissenschaftsjahr.de/2020-21/partner]