X-Student Research Group (SS 2021) “Bioeconomy Governance for Sustainable Societies”

by userbiomat

April 26, 2021 | 9:00 am 11:00 am
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Projektleiterinnen: Dr. Sarah Hackfort und Dr. Maria Proestou, Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

The Berlin University Alliance (BUA) has set the objective of strengthening the link between (top-level) research and teaching. The Alliance has established the Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx) to achieve this ambition. StuROPx expands the opportunities available to students for participating in research projects in Berlin and gives them the chance to collect research experience at an early stage of their studies.

The Bioeconomy X-Student Research Group deals with the question of how bioeconomy governance can best contribute to a sustainable future. It centers, first, around the question of how international governance and national policies on bioeconomy deal with socio-ecological challenges (e.g. trade-offs between targets such as growth in biomass production and biodiversity protection), and, second, on the role of bioeconomy policies (e.g. goal of resilience-oriented bio-based production systems) and discourses and the state herein. Given that policies of more than 60 countries worldwide seek the transition from a carbon-based economy to a bio-based economy and that bioeconomy transition goes hand in hand with current societal, political and economic activities to combat climate change, students are expected to analyze synergetic options and settings towards a considerate shift to a sustainable and resilient bioeconomy and reveal challenges and questionable (non)bioeconomy development paths.

Für weitere Informationen: https://www.berlin-university-alliance.de/commitments/teaching-learning/sturop/research-groups/participate/project-list-2021/index.html

Erste Sitzung: 26. April 2021, 9 – 11 Uhr // Interessierte Studierende senden bitte bis zum 25. April 2021 eine E-Mail (mit Betreff: X-Student Research Group) an die Projektleiterinnen